Integrated Delivery Systems Survey

Survey Status:

Survey Open: March 13 - April 27, 2018
Results Posted: June 2018

If you are a C-Suite executive in an Integrated Delivery System with revenues of $1B or more, then you will want to participate in this first-of-its-kind survey.

Why is this survey different?

Because it was designed by your colleagues – Health System CEOs and CHROs – for the largest health systems in the nation who want to attract key talent in very competitive environments.   Your peers will complete it, and you should, too! You will also get a free custom analysis for a position of your choosing, just for participating.

Seven Reasons to Take This Survey:

  1. More in-depth data – You will see specific data in your region, with job classifications you care about, along with many more relevant data points.
  2. Greater clarity for recruitment – You will see the best options available to recruit and encourage long-term sustainable commitment to your organization.
  3. More effective benefits programs – you will get the information you need to develop these.
  4. Wider perspective – Our improved organizational questions ask to delineate between Health Systems, and include the extent to which businesses outside the hospital have an impact on the System.
  5. Pertinent information at your level – The positions are limited to top-level C-Suite.
  6. The best comparative data – The compensation and benefit questions focus on in-depth regular and executive-specific benefits and perquisites, with an emphasis on attracting and retaining talent.
  7. You save time. After initial completion, only update what has changed.

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