Your role as a board member is complex.
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If you serve on the board of a health system, university, or nonprofit organization, you understand the immense responsibility that rests on your shoulders.  Today, board members are being held accountable in more complex ways than ever.  

You bear a fiduciary responsibility to the organization, the community, and even to the government, as you strive to remain in compliance with increasingly intricate regulations.

Our panel of senior consultants has more than 450 years of collective experience, and we understand the interplay between boards and management.   We have sat on both sides of the table.  You can rely on us for meaningful data, deep experience, and our ability to guide your relationship with the executive team.

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Yaffe & Company is your resource for executive compensation, regulatory compliance, and effective governance.

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Whether you serve in a large Integrated Delivery System in healthcare, or in a rural hospital, or in a higher education institution, we provide surveys and custom reports that are tailored to your needs.  You can use our data to help recruit, reward, and retain quality talent for your organization.  With our support, you not only get the most up-to-date data; we also help you understand what to do with it.

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We say, “We’re IN this with you, because our panel of executives have been in the CEO seat, and we offer valuable industry insights.  We know all about the complex problems you face.

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