Healthcare Governance: Is Your Board Strong Enough for the Future?


Most hospital and health system Boards of Directors are built upon a model established in the mid-twentieth century.  The times and environment for health care have dramatically changed.  Employment of physicians, regional and national mergers, disruptive new health care entrants and increasing cost pressure are but a few of the challenges a Board must face today.  Most healthcare Boards have not prepared themselves for that future.  Here we will discuss what every Board must do to objectively evaluate its readiness for the times ahead, and build a plan to strengthen it where necessary.

During this webinar, we discuss answers to these questions:

1.)   What are the signals that your Board must get stronger?

2.)   How can you honestly assess the strengths and weaknesses of your Board?

3.)   What skill sets will your Board members need in the next ten years?

4.)   How and where can you find the right talent for your Board?

5.)   How do you know if your leadership is ready to lead?

6.)   How do you begin building a Board development plan?

7.)   What are five ways to grow your effectively grow your Board every year?

Join Alexander Yaffe, President & CEO of Yaffe & Company, and Bob Colvin, our Governance Practice Lead, to learn more.

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