Webinar: Are CEO Turnover Rates Impairing Our Nation’s Health System? Examining Causes, Solutions, and the Impact On Our Communities


Across the United States, and especially in rural communities today, hospital CEO turnover rates are hovering around 18 – 19 percent.  The exact cause for such a high rate is unknown, but it is certain that the overall health of rural communities is jeopardized.  State and local health organizations, community leaders, and healthcare board members are becoming deeply concerned.

If you are a CEO, Board Chair, or healthcare executive in today’s complex environment, you will want to hear more about the causes, solutions, and impact on our communities.

1.)The Impact of Executive Turnover – The rate of CEO Turnover continues to hover around 18 – 19 percent, with a higher rate in rural markets, even as high as 25 percent in some markets.  This is negatively impacting many communities.  Access to quality healthcare can be interrupted or terminated as a result.

2.)Our Recent Findings in a Number of States, And How These Findings May Echo Into Other Communities:  We surveyed Current CEOs, Prior CEOs, and Board Chairs to find out the key reasons for turnover.

4.)Best Practices And Practical Solutions That May Begin to Address The Problem: Based on our recent research, we will provide a list of practical solutions that can help prevent unnecessary CEO turnover.

3.)A Critical Questions Discussion, Where Your Opinion Counts:  We hosted a discussion that brought forth several opinions on ways to move forward.

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